Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Most people dream of having a spacious bathroom with a large bath and ample storage space, however, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Here I am going to give you a few tips on how to maximise the space available to you.

  1. Take advantage of corners – Corner showers and sinks are a great way to maximise a small space that wouldn’t otherwise have a use. If you do opt for a shower, make sure you lose the shower curtain or frosted glass and replace it with clear glass. This way the shower becomes a focal point of the room and opens up the space making the room seem bigger. Some baths today have also been shrunk to still allow baths in the smallest of bathrooms so have a good look around, you may just be able to fit one in.
  2. Use soft pastel paint – Soft light colours not only make your bathroom seem bigger, they are also soothing colours, perfect for those long soaks in the bath after a busy day at work. If you are a person who prefers dark bold colours you can bring these into your accessories, towels and bath mats for example.
  3. Keep the room light and bright – If you prefer your bathroom to be tiled this is again a good way of making it seem larger, however try and stick to light colours again. You can’t go wrong with crisp white tiles. Dark tiles may give the illusion that the room as been drawn in and is smaller than it actually is. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with darker colours, just keep in mind that it may make your space seem reduced.
  4. Accessories – Lighting is a fantastic way to expand a small room. A small chandelier on the ceiling will draw the eye upwards making the ceiling seem higher and therefore the room bigger.
  5. Get rid of any clutter – The busier your bathroom is the smaller it will seem. Putting cupboards on the wall for all your toiletries will also maximise the room and open up the remaining floor space. Try not to have any items on display that you don’t use every day, these can be stored in the cupboards leaving your surfaces clear and minimal. Again this little tip will make your room seem larger.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to make the most of your bathroom. Having a small bathroom is not the end of the world, follow these few tips and your bathroom could soon be the focal point of your home. Enjoy!

Infographic For Home to Halls

This is an infographic I have created to display ways to make your halls or house at University feel more like home. Moving away from home and your comforts for the first time is a scary and daunting experience, so I’ve put together a few ideas to take the stress out of what to take with you. Take a look, hope you enjoy!

Brighten Up Your New Home

Receiving the keys for your new home is an extremely exciting time. A milestone in your life! However, it can also be a very overwhelming time and you could end up worrying for various reasons, whether it is the first time away from home or money. However, here are a few tips on how to decorate your new project!


Perhaps the most important thing to do is make a budget.  It is a good idea to budget approximately how much you want to spend in each room and try your best to stick to it. Start with the room you will be spending the most time, probably either your bedroom or the living room as this will probably be the room you will spend the most on.

Discover your taste

Home design magazines will become your new best friend along with various websites and blogs online for some inspiration. You will soon realise certain colours, patterns and style of furniture. However, you need to keep in mind the space you have available. Don’t start furnishing a small house with furniture that is too big!

Paint and Decor

This is probably the cheapest option to personalise your new home. Paint and wallpaper are both excellent ways to incorporate a bold statement colour into a room. Also choose an item of furniture that you love and base your colour scheme around that. For example if you choose to have a blue rug in your living room, you may also choose to have blue cushions on your settee. This way your room will all tie together nicely.

Measure Everything

Make sure you have your tape measure handy both before you leave for the furniture shop and whilst you’re in it. Be careful to take measurements of doorways as well as the space for your new piece of furniture. Remember that in a large area of space such as a showroom, furniture will look smaller. You need to remember to be realistic when choosing your statement pieces.

Seek the help of a Professional

Whilst a pro might be costly in the beginning, it won’t work out half as expensive as decorating your whole house and then realising you don’t like it. Make sure you give the designer an idea of the path you would like to go down, then sit back and relax. If you can’t afford to have them throughout the whole decorating process then just ask for hourly consultations where they can steer you in the right direction.

Sit back and enjoy

Finally, this is your new home! Have fun with it; yes it’s your first home but probably not the last. Make sure it is in your style and really stamp your mark on it. Once it’s finished open a bottle of champagne and start celebrating becoming a new home owner.

5 Ways To Use Your Christmas Cardboard Boxes

Christmas Day is bound to be a blur of wrapping paper, ribbon and cardboard boxes. But the question every year in our household is what to do/store all the empty boxes. Well here are 5 handy tips that could be useful for you.

Decorative Storage
If storage is a slight problem in your home then cardboard boxes are a brilliant solution. There is no need to worry about their dull, boring exterior either. If your house is beautifully decorated with stunning wallpaper then why not use some to decorate your box. This way it will feel like an added addition to the room instead of an out of place object.

Children’s Toy Box
A large cardboard box is an ideal toy box for your child. They are study and if decorated right a wonderful addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom. It could be painted in their favourite cartoon characters or in a funky wrapping paper. A den is also a child’s best idea of a game. A couple of sturdy boxes would be ideal for them to play with and hide in. If you’re feeling more artistic, why not attempt to make a dolls house for a girl or a spaceship for a little boy.

Animal Houses
If you are the parents of a pampered cat or spoilt rabbit, then why not give them a dream home from the spare boxes. Just remember to cut out little doors and windows for them to enter and leave. Stack two together to turn their small modest home into a two story mansion and they will love you forever!

Jewellery Box
If you are like my friend who is constantly loosing things and asking to borrow your jewellery, why not make them a handmade jewellery box so they can keep everything together. This is a perfect way to combine both a present and storage idea. You can create sections for all your different types of jewellery, a section for rings, necklaces, earrings etc. Paint the box the colour of their room or decorate with beads and crystals.

Memento Box
Most people have special photographs and souvenirs that they are always trying to find a place to keep them safe, but not too safe that you can’t remember where you put them! Therefore a little memento box is a perfect way to turn an old box into a special keepsake area. Decorating it nicely and keeping it on your shelf or under your bed where it is easily accessible is recommended.

Vintage Bedroom

Many girls dream of a cute, vintage bedroom. With Christmas just around the corner, why not enter 2015 in a new renovated room. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a classic vintage bedroom at a low cost.

A vintage bedroom is all about pale, pastel pinks and blues. Avoid bold, dark colours at all cost. These soft colours will give a soft, dreamy and relaxing feel to your new and improved room.

Lace curtains
Keep in with the theme; hang a lace panel at your window. This will allow light to stream through as well as giving privacy. The delicate look of the lace will reflect the vintage look of the rest of the room. If you need a pitch black room to sleep in, simply add a white roller blind behind the panel of lace.

White Floorboards
Staining your floorboards white will give your room that shabby chic, vintage bedroom feel. This is inexpensive and instantly recognisable. If you miss bits don’t worry, this will add to the look. Need something warm to rest your feet on when you get out of bed? Purchase a rug in the colour of your walls in a traditional pattern.

White furniture is key to achieving and finishing your look. However don’t worry if you cannot find a white one. Simply buy a French style console table in mahogany and use the left over white paint for the floorboards to paint the table. Add a vintage old bevelled mirror and you have instantly created a girls only, feminine corner.

Add a chandelier
Lighting is important in any room, but in a vintage bedroom try hanging a small delicate chandelier, it will add a touch of glamour but also be a focal point in the room.

Small details
It is all about the finishing touches. Look out for small design features that ooze that vintage bedroom feel. Door and drawer handles will make your ordinary furniture look unique and that little bit more special.

Have fun and enjoy creating your sophisticated vintage bedroom!

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Advent Calendars
It’s almost that point of the year. Advent calendar time! However, instead of buying a standard chocolate one this year, why not get in touch with your creative side and make your own. Matchboxes are ideal for lots of DIY creations and work perfectly here as they’re actually little drawers. Simply glue a couple together in a pyramid style and go on the search for those tiny daily gifts.

Bottle Cap Snowmen
These little men are a simple, yet effective way to give an instant Christmassy vibe to your home. Whether you make them to hang on the tree or your door handles, they are easy and ridiculously cheap to make. All you need are numerous bottle caps, white, black and orange acrylic paint, paintbrushes, glue, buttons and scissors.

Glittered Light Bulbs
These glittery light bulbs are a fantastic way to add a Christmassy feel to your home and brighten up your tree. They are also a perfect way to re-use your old worn out light bulbs and give them a new lease of life. Once you’ve got your bulbs, a tub of glitter and some pva glue you’re all set!

Santa Hats
Santa is synonymous with Christmas and so these cute little objects are the perfect Christmas essential! You’ll need polystyrene cones, white fur fabric, black velvet ribbon, white pompom balls, square jewels and red velvet. Firstly cover the polystyrene with the red velvet. Next glue the pompom ball on the top and place the fur round the bottom. Next step, half way up the cone, is to add the black velvet ribbon. Final step is to add the jewels on the ribbon so it looks like a belt. That’s it, you’re done! Enjoy!

Spruce Up Your Student Bedroom

Your university accommodation is a lot more than just a place to sleep at night. No matter what course you’re studying, how hectic your social life is or how many times you scuttle back home to mum and dad because you’ve ran out of money (believe me it’ll be more often than you think) you are going to spend a lot of time in your room, therefore requiring it to be homely and practical.

Wall decorations: Most student rooms are that boring, dull monotonous ‘magnolia’; instead, you want your room to ooze colour and decoration. Posters, wall hangings, postcards and pictures are a fantastic way to liven the place up, and also make it feel more homely. Waking up to pictures of your loved ones and even the family pet will also reduce the possibility of homesickness (it happens to everyone at some stage, even boys, although they are reluctant to admit it!)

A loud alarm: Dragging yourself out of bed for those 9 o’clock lectures is not an easy task! However it is easier if you have an extremely loud and irritating alarm. Due to the infuriating noise you are less likely to snooze it as you will not be able to bear hearing it again!

A mini-fridge: What a fabulous invention! You will never ever have to venture from your room with one of these. Well apart from uni. And shopping. Okay and the bathroom. So you will have to leave at some point, but not for the simple task of making yourself a cup of tea.

A door stop: This is one of the most important things to remember to bring to uni with you. A doorstop is a way to guarantee people to pop their head round your door in those early important days. It is also great for when you’re getting ready for a night out. Everyone propping their doors open means it is great for nipping to and from your flatmates room desperately trying to find something to wear. Let’s face it girls, how many times have you stood looking despairingly into your jam packed wardrobe, yet still find it impossible to find something to wear?!

Brighten up your bed: Your bed is essentially going to double up as your sofa so it is worth investing in some cheap and cheerful colourful bedding, some cushions and the odd throw to brighten it up. If money is a struggle already, ring up your mum or grandma and see if they can sew you some for half the price. But choose dark colours! Somebody is bound to spill something sooner or later.

A Cosy Home For Winter

Winter can be a dim, bitter and gloomy time of year, but don’t let that stop your home from being a comfy, warm and stress-free retreat. Turn your home from Summer sun to Winter warm with some effortless, low-priced ideas.

Throws and Cushions:
These not only add warmth to your home (and cut down your heating bill) but they also add a dash of colour to liven it up. Maroon, violet and navy are all adventurous, vibrant and powerful colours that will instantly give that homely feel to your living room. If these colours are too bold, try pale yellows and gold’s to give the same effect but are slightly more delicate on the eye. Sheepskin, velvet, wool and faux fur are all appropriate materials to use for cushions which will also keep you warm. Cushions can make a real statement in your house, especially the living area. The different textures give a cosy feel and one which won’t break the bank.

Firelight and Candles:
A wood burning stove immediately relates to the thought of Winter adding love and a dazzling glow to your home. Winter fragranced candles and diffusers are also a fabulous way to merge a splash of colour and scent to your home.

Hard wooden and tiled floors are ideal for those sizzling Summer days, however, when Winter decided to say hello, it is time to give your feet a treat to a fluffy floor. Rugs are a quick and easy way to immediately heat up your room and diminish those annoying draughts. Vivid, luxurious, reds and greens again make a room more inviting and emphasise your Winter look.

Thick curtains:
Insulation is an essential during the icy Winter months and bulky, heavy lined curtains are an ideal way to stop your house loosing warmth through the windows. They are also versatile as they will keep the heat out during those hot Summer months too. They also integrate a touch of colour and elegance to your living room.

 Nothing says Winter more than entering your home to be greeted by the strong aroma of soups and stews bubbling away in the kitchen. These rich flavours will glide through your home filling it with delicious Winter smells.

Striking and vibrant flowers are a must for the bright Summer months, however not as practical for the wintry time of year. However, accessories within the home are still important all year round. Swap fashionable vases for chunky baskets of wood, pinecones and potpourri to give your home that season appropriate feel.

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